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by Modern Trigger

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Bryan Daly
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Bryan Daly I like to sing along in the shower with my bitchin boom box. Favorite track: Only Poseurs Die.
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gHyp:See I'm biased, and you should totally think for yourself. But fo realsies, listen to and support modern trigger! (Or don't)
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Apes I like these guys. These guys are good. They make good songs that are good to listen to. Listen to these guys (or don't). Favorite track: We'll Always Be Friends.
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released August 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Modern Trigger New York, New York

not a hardcore band.

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Track Name: Only Poseurs Die
following the rich man's illusion that can't trick me, my bank, or my dog, or my version of what i need to get passed the oppression imposed on me by myself and my latest obsession.

it's never-ending. the death of anything graces the living

with its inevitable exit, a chance to drop your plans and run without an explanation. it's like the rolling public transit, better late than never but where'd we put that bus ticket?

it's never-ending. the death of anything graces the living.

guess we never dealt that well with change but who are you to tell us there's no comfort in our pain? we hold our breath and wait for it to end, not sure how or why we ever wanted it to begin with.

it's never-ending. the death of anything graces the living.
Track Name: Empty Bottles
photos framed up on the wall
dusty bible in the drawer
empty bottles tip and fall
this is not fine
things are not fine

baby's first steps learn to walk
connect the cable to the skull
expired tinctures down the well
this is not fine
things are not fine

rolled up in sockets cast a spell
my family knows just where i fell
down by the wayside back to hell
this must be home we might as well

official papers signed and held
and reservations paid in full
to sing your praise from the threshold
this is not fine
things are not fine

catch up grandma on the phone
tied and gagged to hide the moans
postmarked and sent to anyone
this is not fine
things are not fine
Track Name: Anna Lee
anna lee
drive out to your house
joke about me crashing
you don't laugh you pout
i say do you remember passion
you sing the next line oh
and we rock out to defiance oh

tell you about the every girl
and songs with greater meaning
you seem disappointed
and romantically naive

i wrote a song that's got your name
it fits perfect in the refrain
can't get this song out of my brain
it goes anna lee

my hands they shake
weak in the knees
sit on the sand
the ocean breeze
i hold your hand
no need to speak
you're real not make believe
think up a box
that freezes time
there's no stopping
this rolling tide
we both let go
let time decide
what's real or make believe
Track Name: Admit What You Hate
would you know what i mean
if i said i wanna be clean
not just from the dirt and drugs
but find a better way to love
my friends and family
in a world that's so ugly
either way its gonna end
so we might as well

throw out the past
stop livin' each day like it's your last
try and restart time
wake up admit what you hate and say
oh nevermind
Track Name: Numbers & Letters
numbers & letters & stories with pictures &
other things that tell a lie
tension and friction and talks and omission and
loving someone who died

everyone's asking if anyone's watching
while the drunks are learning to drive
on the pavement she's tripping over sophomores in stitches
i'd help if only there were time

addiction indifference & self-help subscriptions and
blaming misfortune on pride
caffeine and lipstick and cackling witches
avoiding what's there to remind
Track Name: Trucks
i can be lazy
and all day watch tv
my brain it'll wipe out
and i'll feel like a sellout
everytime i let things
make me happy
electronic devices
and pg-13 vices
when i was 16
i smoked my first cigarette
by the time i was 20
i learned how to get away with shit
it wasn't till this year
i learned how wrong i was
the dirt it keeps piling
'til you forget how you started things
once i sniffed so much
i was convinced there were trucks
on the roof of the brownstone
across from the dealer's home
Track Name: I Hope You Die In Europe
i feel strongly about things
about things that got nothing to do with me
i can argue so loudly
about things that got nothing to do with me
Track Name: Burning Candle
i used to party every night
show up to work and feel just fine
i never got real sick or felt real tired
i'd just punch the clock and adjust my high
people said they needed their 8 hours
but i never knew what they were talking about
even after i got clean
and daytime meant responsibility
i'd set alarms but not to sleep
just to pause the dvd
you wouldn't recognize me without these lines
or the big black bags beneath both of my eyes
i value my time alone
but i can't miss out on fun with friends
so i'm burning my candle at both ends
the only time i write a song
is late at night or early morn
i can't discern the two, can't draw a line
but i'm no stranger to sunrise
it might not seem so crucial to you
but someone's gotta pace around this room
i still have such time to waste
and you might say i wear myself thin
when i'm burning my candle at both ends
Track Name: I'm Brook Pridemore
we grew up feeling scared
we'd be found out until we
found the colder fear
that maybe we never will be

the idea of letting go
worked gd hard for it
i've forgotten though
just how to close my fist

they say you gotta stand for something
or you'll fall for anything
speaking up is never easy
through a condescending grin
though my heart may come pouring out my eyes
the front line's waiting--pick a side

we grew up getting lost
looking everywhere but here
spinning circles chasing tails
the path ain't always clear

this idea of letting go
got no clue what it means
it sure sounds real good though
waking up with dreams
Track Name: We'll Always Be Friends
when i am laughing and holding my sides
it's loud and i can't breathe and that feels just fine
i'm pretending that everything is alright

sometimes there is nothing that i can do
but close up my doors and stay in my room
and sit on my floor while i'm thinking of you

when it comes time to lay my head
in the darkest corner of my bed
i dream about things after i am dead
i dream of a world in which i am dead

i know it's not right to have these thoughts
and everyone struggles with what they've lost
and everyone copes with what they've got

i know it will pass but we never know when
so i start getting comfy looking right at the end
don't promise anyone that you'll always be friends
don't promise anyone that you'll always be friends